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Physicians who work in rural and remote settings find great satisfaction in the experience and diversity that is part of living and working in a smaller community. The full scope of rural generalist practice includes primary care, emergency care, and hospital-based services. Small communities support satisfying physician-patient relationships and longitudinal patient care.

In some communities, there is also the option of providing outreach to remote locations, including First Nations communities. While rural and remote medical practice creates unique and varying challenges, physicians have with diverse and rewarding experiences.

Rural physicians are supported through strong professional networks and collaborative relationships with local, regional, and provincial health agencies and providers. Peer support and mentoring are key aspects of practice in our small, rural communities. Technologies, such as telehealth, continue to be explored and utilized as a way of connecting rural physicians with other rural colleagues, and also with additional specialized services, usually found in more urban areas.

Our west coast communities offer vibrant arts and culture, pristine environments, and great recreation. We also provide outreach to First Nations and other remote communities.

Our rural and remote communities include but are not limited to:

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In addition to the exciting and unique professional experiences, living and working in a rural community attracts those who want a different kind of lifestyle and connectedness with where and how they live and work.

Small communities on Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands offer vibrant arts and culture scenes, as well as the best outdoor recreation you will find anywhere. We boast the most moderate climate in Canada allowing for year-round enjoyment of a multitude of outdoor activities. The diverse social and cultural makeup of our smaller communities also encourages people to develop and maintain closer connections with friends, neighbours and professional colleagues.

Physicians who practice in rural and remote communities often talk about their sense of fulfillment and purpose in being an integral part of their community and in gaining unique experiences that can’t be found in larger urban settings. We invite you to find your true place and purpose in rural and remote community practice.

You can learn more about many of our rural and remote communities on Vancouver Island the Southern Gulf Islands by visiting the Rural and Remote Division website or the Rural Coordination Centre of British Columbia (RCCbc) website.

If you desire an outdoor lifestyle, you will find every opportunity to fulfill your passion here. Our recreation opportunities are endless; from water sports like surfing, kayaking, fishing and sailing, to terra firma pursuits like hiking, cycling, golf, rock climbing and much more.

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Rural physicians choose to work in many rural and remote locations across British Columbia, including a number of communities throughout beautiful Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. Living and working in these small communities offers physicians a wide range of practice environments and professional opportunities. We provide support to our rural physicians through strong, active peer networks, mentoring, and using innovative communication technologies that enable access to colleagues and specialized services.

Our members work in a wide range of practice environments including solo practices, small group clinics, team- based care, as part of multidisciplinary networks, and as locums. Some physicians participate in the Alternative Payments Program (APP) which works with and funds health authorities or similar agencies providing alternative physician compensation models to fee-for service. This diversity of practice opportunities provides exciting choices for physicians interested in discovering the rewards of rural and remote practice.

Our members are supported through ongoing Continuing Medical Education and professional development opportunities, as well as integrated peer and partner agency networks. Physicians play important leadership roles in their communities, enabling and facilitating change and innovation to support better rural healthcare. The ability to be an integral part of influencing positive change at the community, regional, and provincial levels is a rewarding experience.

British Columbia has a number of financial incentives and educational opportunities for rural doctors. See RCCbc website and the Ministry of Health  for details.

Rural medicine encompasses a wide range of practice opportunities; from full-service group practices, including primary and hospital care, to solo practice, team-based care and locum opportunities.





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